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Key Aspects of Cloud Friendly Apps

Executive Presentation

Cloud computing with Azure

Getting business value from your app

The emergence of cloud computing transformed IT infrastructure into a utility.
Application developers create apps that achieve results instead of focusing
on the IT Stack. Learn today the three main keys to developing cloud friendly
apps with an excellent UX. Download PDF

Deploying and managing servers at scale has become challenging for
customers. Learn how Microsoft SQL Azure extends the capabilities of
Microsoft SQL Server into the cloud as a web-based, distributed relational database allowing flexibility in platform choices. Download PDF

Making Sense is constantly renewing its essence, offering high quality services and maintaining its unique spirit of passion and dedication. Learn about our
company, solutions, security and our Hybrid Delivery Model. Download PDF

A review of the software technology trends predicted for 2012 by experts and
our own survey results, along with staffing priorities and approaches planned by
IT departments and ISVs for 2012. Download PDF


Today’s top technology executives need to help their companies to generate revenue and value quicker than ever before. The key to cope with these
demands lays behind the adoption of the Agile development. Find out how to implement it and learn all its benefits. Download PDF

The Benefits of Building a Distributed Agile Team

Argentina: An Attractive ITO Destination

In recent years the Argentine technology sector has grown considerably positioning the country as a leading one in this service offerings as well as innovation. This report highlights key aspects of Argentina as an excellent IT Outsourcing destination. Download PDF